Tips to save energy and money on Cooling

  • Use fans and natural airflow through the house for cooling, instead of your air conditioner.
  • Set your air conditioner between 23-26 degrees Celsius during summer.
  • Use a removable reflective foil in summer (e.g. Renshade┬«) on east and west-facing windows.
  • Use curtains or blinds with reflective backings to keep out summer heat.


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Cooling together with heating takes up 40% of the energy used in Australian homes. Learning to keep your home and yourself cool can not only potentially halve your energy bills, but also make your home more comfortable to live in during the warmer months!

Similar to heating, there are passive methods to cool your home, as well the relying on electrical appliances. Installation of shades, ventilation and appropriate insulation are passive cooling options, whereas using a fan or air conditioner is known as mechanical cooling. Likewise, when using electrical appliances, consider the area for cooling. Do you need to cool an entire house, or can you just cool a room or yourself. Fans should be your first choice for cooling, as it is a much cheaper option than an air conditioner.



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