Case Study 1



David has been a member of United Voice for over 23 years, and works in the home care industry. He lives in a 5-bedroom house with his wife, 4 children, their partners, and 4 grandchildren.

Before joining Power Savers 2 years ago, David’s energy bills were averaging $1000 per quarter!

When David learnt about the Power Savers program, he signed up without hesitation. Since his home energy assessment, David has learnt a great deal of information on energy efficiency, installed outdoor shutters to keep his house cool in summer, and has also had a solar hot water system installed on his roof.

“I now understand how to make sense of my energy bills.  For instance, by examining my bill closely, I discovered I was incorrectly charged, even though I was overseas at the time.  When I enquired with my energy company, I was given an $80 discount.”

These days, David is seeing savings of close to $400 per quarter thanks to the knowledge he has acquired, he has also had a solar hot water system installed for free on his roof courtesy of Power Savers.

David has educated his colleagues about energy efficiency, and thinks that there should be more programs like Power Savers, available for families in need.

“Through the installation of the solar hot water system, I’ve saved money and also reduced my carbon footprint.  It feels good helping the environment.”


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