Case Study 4



Being an electrician, Gregory always had a keen interest in energy efficiency, and he did not hesitate to join the PSP when approached.

The advice, knowledge and support he has gained from the PSP have spurred Gregory to renovate his house. Gregory intends to make his house more comfortable to live in, whilst reducing his energy cost.

“I am so overwhelmed by the help the PSP has provided us, and the fantastic knowledge that we have gained. Everything we have been given, both hardware and knowledge is being put towards the renovation of my home!”

Some of the renovation works that Gregory plans to embark on include the installation of double glazed windows, outdoor awnings, as well as replacing his current HWS with an evacuated tubes hot water system.

Gregory was also provided with an energy display monitor as part of the PSP, and he absolutely loves using it.

“I now have the ability to continuously monitor my energy usage. This device has made me more aware of the running cost of various appliances. The best part, it has indirectly altered my energy behaviour. These days, I have developed a positive habit of turning off most appliances before going out.”

Gregory has also seen a decrease in his energy bills since joining the PSP. His winter bills are down $40 from $250 last year, and his summer bills have decreased by around 15%.

“I have taught my mum some of the knowledge I have gained from the PSP, and she has also started seeing savings in her energy bills! I truly believe that there should be more programs such as the PSP available for other people!”






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