Case Study 6



Leonie works in Home care, and lives in Ryde in a cosy apartment with her 8-year old son, Kwame.   Leonie is a great champion for responsible and smart energy use – even before the Power Savers program she tried to keep her usage as low as possible.

“When I found out about this program through the union, I thought, ‘this sounds like a good idea!’. The dollars I can save through this are better off in my pocket, and it’s also good for the planet. I want the environment to still be here so my kid can enjoy it in the years to come.”

Leonie has arranged a payment plan with her retailer, where she pays a flat rate per month plus any excess usage charges at the end of the month, which helps her manage her day-to-day finances.   As a renter and living in a strata-managed apartment complex, Leonie has limited control over what retrofits she can make to her home. Power Savers aimed to facilitate retrofits for renters that didn’t require significant changes to the home.

“Power Savers showed me a few great tips that I didn’t need landlord approval for.   Things like installing a ‘valve cosy’ and pipe insulation on my hot water system – the energy assessor was really knowledgeable, and estimated I could save up to $10 a quarter just through this small change!  Every little bit counts, right?”

All Power Savers participants received some energy efficiency equipment during their energy assessment, and then were offered one of three energy efficiency options to support their energy efficiency actions.

“It was really nice to get some financial support to upgrade the equipment in my house.  I was given a rebate offer of $250, which helped me upgrade my old fridge to a more energy efficient one.  Now – if I ever have to move, I know that I’ll have energy efficient appliances to bring with me.

“Overall, it has been reassuring to know that I’m doing everything I possibly can to keep my energy bills low and maintain my comfort at home.  I have always worked hard to do things to keep my bills low - things like switching lights off – but having the chance to upgrade appliances has been a huge plus.  I do think I feel more in control of my energy use and bills now, too, and I feel confident enough to encourage my friends and family to do the same.”


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