Tips to save energy and money on Lighting

  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • Upgrade traditional lighting technologies to LED lights
  • Use LED or solar powered external floodlights
  • Install a sensor or timer to external floodlights


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On average, Australian homes spends 8-15% of their electricity budget on lighting. We all understand that lighting is an important component in every home, as it affects the ambience and mood to a room. Lighting is also used for activities such as reading and even to stay awake. Although it is near impossible to not have lighting at home, Australians do no need to sacrifice expensive energy bills for lighting.

Traditional lighting technologies such as incandescent globes and halogen downlights convert up to 98% of their electricity energy into wasted heat energy. These technologies are not only wasting energy and money, they could also pose as a fire hazard.



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