Case Study 5



Miranda from West Hoxton, who works in the cleaning industry, was over the moon when she was approached to join the Power Savers Program. During that point of time, she was the sole breadwinner of the family, and her energy bills were extremely high.

“Look at this electricity bill from 2 years ago. I paid $529.83 for 94 days. That was a lot for our family!”

Because Miranda comes from a non-English speaking background, a Serbian interpreter was engaged during her home energy assessment, together with her energy assessor. She appreciated the extra effort the Power Savers Program took to ensure she understood the program.

“My husband was there with me during the home assessment. Our energy assessor Chris, provided us with so many useful tips and advice”

It has been 9 months since her home energy assessment, and Miranda still diligently adheres to the energy tips she received. Although Miranda was only given 10 LED downlights by the PSP, she bought more on her own, and has now replaced all her halogen downlights in her house to energy efficient ones.

In addition, Miranda now uses her dishwasher and washing machine only during off-peak electricity.  She learnt from her home energy assessment that electricity prices are much lower during off-peak electricity, and she has no problem switching her washing habit to save on money.

“I was shocked when I received my electricity bill last week. It was only $79.62 for 23 days! This is so much lesser than my bill from 2 years ago!”

Miranda wishes that were more programs similar to PSP in the future. She would definitely encourage her family and relatives to sign up for an energy efficiency program.








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