Case Study 3



Prem has been a member with United Voice for 14 years, and was delighted to join Power Savers when she was approached.

“I thought there was more to gain than to lose in joining the Program, so why not?”

Prem has since seen a 20% reduction in her quarterly energy bills. Despite being very energy conscious before starting the Program, Prem still manages save around $20 every quarter.

“I am so happy with the savings. They may be small amount, but it all adds up, and I use the savings towards my holiday funds!”

Previously, before joining the Power Savers, Prem was using inefficient incandescent light bulbs throughout her house. She received 14 LED bulbs from the Power Savers, and has also bought additional LED bulbs on her own.

“Whenever I visit the supermarket, I would buy 1 or 2 LED bulbs if they are on sale. They might cost more than other light bulbs, but LEDs will save me more money in the long run, and I am making a positive difference to the environment!”

Prem is one of hundreds of energy champions who came through the program who actively shares the tips and advice she learnt from Power Savers with her relatives, friends and colleagues.


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