Case Study 2



After talking to neighbours, Sandra was sceptical that she could save much money through energy efficiency measures.

However, when she was approached to join Power Savers, Sandra decided to give it a go and challenge herself.

Since joining the program, Sandra has seen a steady drop in her energy bills. These savings are all thanks to the energy efficiency advice that she received from her home energy assessment.  As English is not her first language, she was appreciative that the energy assessor went the extra mile to discuss complex energy efficiency topics with her.

In addition, Sandra also received a solar hot water system through the program, and now uses a lot less gas in her home. Her most recent gas bill has plummeted to just $70, as compared to $400 in the past.

Sandra is extremely happy that she now can use the savings towards paying off her mortgage, and is pleased to be doing her part as an environmentally responsible citizen.


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