Solar power  - Join the Solar Boom!

Solar power is an increasingly affordable and cost beneficial option that could save your home money sooner than you think. There are two types of solar power commonly used in homes, solar hot water and solar panels


1. Solar hot water:

Solar hot water uses the sun’s energy to directly heat water, with huge financial benefits!  There are many different types of solar hot water systems, depending upon your households’ needs.  For more information, see


2. Solar Panels:

Solar panels use photovoltaic cells (PV) to convert the sun’s energy to electrical energy.  To find out if Solar PV is for you, check out the Solar Finance Guide:

Can’t get your own panels?

There are other ways you can support our renewable energy industry.

  • Make the switch: Switch to a cleaner, greener energy retailer.  New, price competitive retailers are emerging that can offer customers renewable energy, that is, electricity that isn’t generated by fossil fuels.
  • Community Energy:  Local communities are transforming the way that energy is produced and consumed, and literally taking power into their own hands through collective action informed and supported by a strong and supportive network. For more information.
  • Purchase GreenPower: Enquire with your existing retailer about purchasing GreenPower – to help Australia’s renewable energy industry flourish.
  • Become a Solar Citizen: Solar Citizens is a people powered movement standing up for the rights of solar owners and sensible clean energy policies.
  • Read widely and talk to others: lead by example and encourage your employer, friends and family to do the same.  Keep advocating for a better energy future for Australia.  Already an advocate?  Tell us your story!

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