The Power Savers Journey

Every participant experienced a similar level of engagement for the duration of their 12-month involvement in the project:


Eligibility check and recruitment; Pre-intervention Phone Survey; Home Assessment booking.


2 weeks:

Participant has a home energy assessment with an expert Energy Assessor. Together, they work out a plan to lower the participant’s power bills. Participants also receive some free retrofit items ($50 value) to help them save energy immediately, as well as discussing further assistance ($250 value).


1 month:

Each participant is called to discuss their $250 rebate or other retrofit options to further help them save energy. They are also posted a personalised Power Savers Action Plan that acknowledges and recommends key energy actions to take.



Each participant is called for a check-in on their progress and enquiries are made as to what further support they may require. Further communications included summer and winter newsletters, as well as a series of 6 Fact Sheets that could be posted out.


12 month:

Each participant’s journey ends with a Post-intervention Phone Survey.


Project conclusion:

Each participant is sent a final thank you, along with some overall results of the project.



This activity received funding from the Australian Government. The views expressed herein are not necessarily the views of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the Commonwealth does not accept responsibility for any information or advice contained herein.